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Endora's Organics

100% Organic, Vegan & Sustainable body care products

"because nature gives us everything"

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  About Endora


Hey everyone, I'm Endora! Growing up, I became increasingly aware and alarmed at the harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients put into body care products. It always unsettled me because why use toxic chemicals?

Nature gives us everything!

Therefore, I started making my own, all organic skincare and body care products and creating unique variations of them. I studied natural oils and raw butters and experimented with natures gifts. I saw tremendous results. My skin became stronger, brighter, clearer and smoother. I stopped producing as much oil on my face and my skin always felt hydrated, like it had come back to life. I am concern free every time I put any products on my body and that helps keep me at peace.


The products I make are all 100% USDA Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, and our packaging/materials as well as the actual ingredients are all sustainable. Enjoy these products that I poured all of my love into. I hope they bring you healthy skin, peace of mind, and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth.

My Pledge of Purity

NO synthetic dyes, chemicals,

silicones, sulfates, mineral oils

synthetic parabens, petrochemicals,

EDTA, aluminum, artificial fragrances,

phthalates, artificial preservatives,

propylene glycol, or triclosan.

There is no need for poison in body care.

Nature gives us everything.

My Organic Pledge

I pledge to you that each and every ingredient in each and every Endora's Organics product is USDA Certified Organic (United States Department of Agriculture). This means that every ingredient is free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, SLSs and any other toxic chemicals.

I pledge to always be all organic,

because nature gives us everything.

Enjoy pure goodness!

My Vegan Pledge

I pledge to you that each and every ingredient in every Endora's Organics product is 100% Vegan and contains absolutely no animal products or byproducts. The most beneficial ingredients for your skin c from things grown on Earth such as roses (rosewater & rosehip oil), coconuts (coconut water & coconut oil), cacao trees (cocoa butter) and more!

Nature gives us everything