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Rosewater has been used around the world for ages and helps revitalize and hydrate skin and hair. This is because rose petals contain a number of powerful antioxidants, which help repair cells from damage. Additionally, rosewater is a natural astringent for skin and its anti-inflammatory properties and hydration nourish the scalp and hair.


This is a very lightweight spray that can be brought with you to the beach for a cool refreshing facial spray or to soothe your scalp from the sun. I also use it anytime my skin is feeling dry and even put some on my lips before lip balm to seal in the moisture!


Endora's Organics Just Rosewater spray can be used as a toner as rosewater is an extremely effective natural toner. The base of my Rosewater toner is primarily rosewater yet it contains other ingredients such as lavender water. For those who have more sensitive skin I recommend using this Just Rosewater as a toner as the lavender water in my Rosewater toner can irritate the skin if very sensitive/allergic etc.

It will also save you a few dollars ;)


This product has so many uses, enjoy! <3


**Alterations can and will be made for any known allergies, please just inform me of such!

Just Rosewater

  • Organic rose hydrosol (rose water)

    *All USDA Certified Organic 

    100% Vegan

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