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This luscious body oil contains several extremely moisturizing and antioxidant rich oils which will nourish your skin and keep you feeling smooth all day/night. This oil can be used on the entire body and will leave you smelling like heavennnn!


Body Oils are an amazing addition in your body care routine because they increase collagen production, improve dry or cracked skin, help fight signs of aging, reduce sun damage, promote skin barrier repair and help manage eczema


Apply this oil on damp skin after showering/bathing to seal in moisture. You can also spray you skin with normal water, EO Hydrating Mist, or EO Just Rosewater, then apply the body oil. You can also add a few drops in your bath water!


For best results and smooth glowing skin, use a few times a week





**Alterations can and will be made for any known allergies, please just inform me of such!

Luscious Body Oil

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic rosehip oil, organic avocado oil, organic vitamin e oil, organic rosemary oil, organic dried roses, organic dried lavender flowers

    *All USDA Certified Organic

    100% Vegan

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