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100% of profits will go to !


This Organic Haitian coffee is found in the lush mountains in Plaisance Haiti. The nutrient dense soil and high altitudes of the mountains make for the most exceptional and rich tasting coffee. Haitian coffee is also low in acidity and thus wont irritate your stomach. This coffee is rich flavored with a medium body and mellow overtones that come from a smooth texture and soft sweet taste.


As many of you know, my family has a nonprofit charity in Plaisance, Haiti that includes a school, orphanage, elderly orphanage, hospital, and more. As coffee is abundant in this region, this is a fanstasic way to raise money for the foundation and help out the community of Plaisance.

You can learn more about the Foundation at and feel free to contact me with any questions. Swipe for pics of some FG kids!


Thank you for your support!

Organic Haitian Coffee (All sales go to Foundation Guillaume)

  • Organic Haitian Coffee grounds

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