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This all organic sea salt is found in the tropical waters of Haiti. The process is fairly simple. Local Haitains collect gallons of ocean water and set it to dry in the sun on large sheets. Eventually the salt forms a large block in which they break up into the chunks you see pictured. If you'd like fine grain salt at no extra cost I will blend the chunks in a food processor.


As many of you know, my family has a nonprofit in Plaisance, Haiti that includes a school, orphanage, elderly orphanage, hospital, and more. As nutrient dense oceans are abundant in Haiti, this is a fanstasic way to raise money for the foundation and help out the community of Plaisance.

You can learn more about the Foundation at and feel free to contact me with any questions. Swipe for pics of some FG kids!


Thank you for your support!


This is the most salty tasting salt I've ever had and is the only kind my family uses. Salt is used to balance fluids in the blood and maintain healthy blood pressure. It is also essential for nerve and muscle function. Thus, this organic Haitian sea salt will surely be beneficial to you!


Coarse (larger chunks):

- Pasta water

- Soups & sauces

- Rice and quinoa water

- To salt meat and fish


Fine (smaller chunks):

- As a topping on dishes

- For baking & recipes with exact salt measurements

- Guacamole

Organic Haitian Sea Salt (All sales go to Foundation Guillaume)

  • Organic Haitian sea salt


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